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Wasp Removal

wasp nest removed
wasp nest
more wasp nest removed

These spring and summer pests fall into one of three categories:

  1. Wasps

  2. Hornets

  3. Yellow Jackets

In central Oregon​ we have seen all three species.  

Inspect and Plan

Wasps are uniquely challenging for home owners and pest professionals alike because of their painful sting and ability to travel far away from their nests. The most important step is to inspect and identify the location of wasp nests either on a structure, tree or in the ground.


Nest Treatment

Once the nest has been identified, your pest professional will treat it depending on where it is located. Spraying the nest, powdering the nest, shooting foam onto the nest are all different strategies that may be used to terminate the active nest.


Nest Removal

Even a treated nest can be unsightly or unsettling, or may have unhatced wasps inside. The final step is to remove the nest. Our technicians have long extendable poles to reach the nests and in some situations may use a ladder.


Keep Your Distance

During the wasp treatment and removal process, the wasps may become agitated or aggressive. It is advised for home owners to keep a safe distance away from the wasp nest for up to an hour from the time of service.

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