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Gopher and Mole Trapping

gopher vs mole vs vole

Have you spent hundreds or thousands or dollars beatifying your yard only to find that one of these varmints are destroying your new paradise?  We can help.  Let our technician trap and remove these pests before they destroy your beautiful yard.

Gopher Activity

Gophers pile dirt on the surface as they dig creating a large pile in a kidney or horseshoe type shape.  In the center will be what had been a hole that is now plugged.


Mole Activity

Moles tunnel closer to the surface leaving raised rows of soil and will typically run along the edge of a hard surface.  You may also see mounds of dirt that look volcanic. The mound will be loose and coarser then that of a gopher.


Vole Activity

Voles typically tunnel on the surface leaving 1-2 inch trenches in your lawn that resemble a road map.  Some however do like to tunnel deeper leaving your lawn feeling spongy in spots when walked across.  Their holes typically have no dirt mounds around them and are approximately 1-2 inches in diameter.  They can be very destructive to gardens because the feed on grass, bulbs, tubers and roots. 


Inspection and Trapping

Our technician will inspect the yard and the damage being done to determine what varmint they are dealing with. After they determine what it is they are dealing with they use a tunnel probe to locate the tunnels and set traps or bait in the areas where the activity appears to be the freshest.  We check these traps, move, relocate and reset them accordingly every 10-14 days.

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