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Spider Control

technician dusting cobwebs away from around a door
technician dusting down the eaves of the house

We have all seen them, SPIDERS! While these guys do eat other bugs and as a general rule leave you alone finding one unexpectedly inside your home is never fun. If you have a fear of spiders it only makes it worse when they surprise you with their presence.  We take an approach that will not only eliminate them but will give you a nice clean look to the exterior of your home.  

Brush down the eves and entryways

Spiders lay eggs and spread webs around the home, especially in the eves and doorways. We use bristle brushes to gently remove the egg sacs before they hatch, and remove unsightly webs and old nests.


Wall void injection

The seal plate around the foundation plays an important role in the moisture regulation of the house. It does also create many cracks and small gaps for pests and insects to enter into the home. Our service professionals inject a powder along the entirety of the seal plate that solves this issue annually. This service is part of our important winter service.


Foundation treatment

We want the spiders, ants and other creepy crawlies to keep off of your home. At every service we apply a foundation treatment that flushes out unwanted pests and creates a barrier around your home. Every season we rotate our family friendly products to deal with the unique challenges that each season brings.

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